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18. The ending of the film was fundamentally revised in post-production. Originally, McCullah and Smith shared with the New York Times, the film ended with Elle winning in court, she and Emmett sealed their romance with a kiss on the steps of the courtroom. She and Vivian were good friends, and Vivian is blonde now. They had founded the Blond Legal Defense Club and distributed leaflets on the quad. That was the end of Smith`s manuscript, McCullah noted, but then the test audience made a strong judgment. “We showed the film two or three times, and each time people didn`t want to end it with a kiss,” she said. “They thought it wasn`t a story about [Her] having a boyfriend, which was really cool for people to say that.” 19. Nevertheless, compiling Elle`s inspiring closing speech required a bit of ingenuity. The part of Witherspoon`s scene was filmed at Dulwich College in London, where she worked on The Importance of Being Earnest (other actors filmed their roles in California).

After changing his hair for his role in Oscar Wilde`s adaptation, Witherspoon had to wear a wig, as did Wilson, who had shaved his head for The Royal Tenenbaums. Legal Blonde was released in North America on July 13, 2001. Its revenue of $20 million[3] made it a success for the struggling MGM studio, bringing in $96.5 million in North America and $45.2 million elsewhere, for a worldwide total of $141.7 million. [3] The film was released in the UK on October 26, 2001 and opened at #2, behind American Pie 2. [33] 20. For Witherspoon, who left Stanford after her freshman year to pursue an acting career, “That`s where I went to college,” she exclaimed at the actors` reunion in October. “I didn`t finish college, but I finished Legally Blonde.” People often recite their infamous lines (most frequently repeated: “What? As if it were difficult?), but his absolute favorite pastime are the many professional achievements. “I don`t think any of us knew what this film was going to be or how much it would inspire young women and young people around the world,” Witherspoon said.

“What really touches my heart is that more and more people are stopping me and saying, `I went to law school because of Elle Woods. Which is really amazing. Devin Stone, better known online as LegalEagle, an American YouTuber and lawyer, observed that the application process depicted in the film, in which Elle Woods sent a video essay to the Harvard Law School admissions committee, was not possible. “There`s no way to upload that into the law school`s application system,” Stone noted. [45] “During orientation, Harvard Law School actually released the clip of Elle`s admissions video, where the admissions committee decided to let her in, and then they swore they didn`t make any decision that way,” explained Harvard Law School student Jameyanne Fuller. [46] Since the film is based on Amanda Brown`s novel Legally Blonde – the author and characters attended Stanford University – it makes sense that this was the original purpose of the film. While Witherspoon was also a student at Stanford University before leaving school to play, it seems those connections didn`t help his case all those years ago either. Nevertheless, she still has this school spirit.

“Alum @Stanford proud here,” the Morning Show star noted. “Fear the tree!” 14. It was also terribly hot when Witherspoon filmed Elle`s first day at law school on UCLA`s campus for Harvard. In an outfit that suggested a new decline in the Boston atmosphere — a button down with a tie under a sweater with a belt — “I was sweating buckets,” the actress revealed. The film`s costume designer had to step in and remind her how necessary it was for Elle to “appear total,” Witherspoon continued. “Sophie de Rakoff told me, `You`re wearing this sweater. You button the necklace. That`s the way it should be. And I thought, `OK!` While most of Legally Blonde takes place at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it was filmed primarily in Los Angeles, California. They went to Harvard University to shoot some shots outside the university, but the inside of the school was filmed at Rose City High School in Pasadena. Harvard University allowed the use of his name, but refused to film the interior of the school. Gothic Harvard Square is the rector`s home of All Saints Church, 132 North Euclid Avenue, Pasadena (which you may also have seen in Cruel Intentions and The Other Sister).

In Pasadena, the college`s hallways and classrooms are located at Rose City High School, 325 South Oak Knoll Avenue, which was also used for school scenes in Catch Me If You Can and Pleasantville. In the sequel to the original film, she is planning her wedding while waiting in line for a promotion at work. She decides to track down the biological mother of her beloved dog Bruiser and discovers that she is being used for animal experiments. After being fired for trying to set up the testing facility, she goes to the Capitol to promote animal rights. She begins the film with naïve expectations about the motivation of members of Congress, and although these expectations are disappointed, she persists and manages to pass the desired animal rights legislation. At the end of the film, she marries Emmett in Washington, D.C. and sees her looking at the White House when Emmett asks her where she wants to live. In the movie Legally Blonde, Elle Woods is a sister who lives in the Delta Nu House of the fictional California University Los Angeles (CULA) (UCLA in the musical), where she studies fashion merchandising and has a GPA 4.0.

Woods` boyfriend, Warner Huntington III, son of a U.S. Congressman, breaks up with her the night she expects him to propose to her, saying he must “marry a Jackie, not Marilyn.” Warner was destined for Harvard Law School, and Woods was determined to be admitted to the school to win him back. Upon arriving at Harvard, Woods learns that Warner has a new fiancée, Vivian Kensington, who is a member of the same country club as Warner`s family. Woods is able to exonerate a sister accused of murder and decides she doesn`t need Warner. At the end of the film, Woods delivers the opening address to the law school class after proving himself, earning the respect of his peers, and beginning a relationship with Emmett Richmond. [11] 13. Making Elle`s application video for law school was actually harder than getting into Harvard law. Okaaaaaay, good. Almost.

But according to Witherspoon, it was “like 400 degrees” in Pasadena the day she and Cauffiel filmed the pool scene where Elle touted her ability to “remember hundreds of important details in the blink of an eye,” such as how Hope was brainwashed by villain Stefano in Days and Lives. Cauffiel noticed how difficult it was to get Margot in and out effortlessly on his raft and joked, “Wasn`t there a guy with a stick pushing him?” Legal Blonde has received mixed reviews among legal scholars for its representation of the law school and the accuracy of its application of the law. Others were more critical of the film and its script. Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter described the film as “predictable, cute and surprisingly little real humor,” but “still passes thanks to Witherspoon`s magnetic presence.” [42] Michael O`Sullivan of The Washington Post called the film “Redux clueless, but without the edgy, knowing mind.” [43] Jessica Winter of The Village Voice called the film “a junk food movie that strives to be nutritious.” “This is one of your special offers Racier Be Yourself after school, crossed with Who Moved My Cheese? for the Cosmo girls,” Winter said. [44] 6. Meanwhile, Luke Wilson didn`t even need to audition to play Emmett, Elle`s eventual love interest. “We spent a lot of time faxing to the casting director, like, `Luke Wilson, Luke Wilson! ” co-writer Kirsten Smith recently told Insider. And then, after the table read where another actor was playing Emmett, we thought, `Luke Wilson, Luke Wilson!` And he said, “That`s a very good idea.” We said, `We told you!` The final graduation scene, supposedly taking place at Harvard University (or what we can assume is their version of school in the classroom at Rose City High School), was actually filmed at Dulwich College London. That`s because the original ending was filmed in Los Angeles, where the final shot was of Elle and her new boyfriend Emmett kissing. However, this was not satisfied, so the team decided to shoot an alternate ending that glorified Elle`s achievements rather than romance. As Reese Witherspoon had gone to London for another film, they shot this last scene at Dulwich College in London.

The outline of Legally Blonde grew out of Brown`s experiences as a blonde who went to Stanford Law School while obsessed with fashion and beauty, reading Elle magazine and frequently colliding with the personalities of her peers. In 2000, Brown met producer Marc Platt, who helped her develop her manuscript into a novel. Platt hired screenwriters McCullah Lutz and Smith to adapt the book into a film. The project caught the attention of director Luketic, an Australian newcomer who came to Hollywood after the success of his first offbeat short film Titsiana Booberini.

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